3 min: bike/ski/Row
10 min: @ easy pace
3/2 WW
2 GL Quad crawl w/ 2.5 k plat on low back
4-6 Strict Toe To Bar/Ring
6-8 Beast Ball Kneeling to standing
rest as needed, increase wt. on the beast ball if needed
"Crossfit Total"
warm up squat
5:00-10 min: 
Find a 1RM Back Squat within 3 attempts
warm up Press
15:00- 20 min: 
Find a 1RM Strict Press within 3 attempts
warm up Deadlift
25:00-30 min: 
Find a 1RM Conventional Deadlift within 3 attempts
You have exactly 5 min and 3 attempts to find each 1RM, lift done before or after the time-cap will not be allowed. Must start from blank bar each portion. You must increase load after each successful lift.  May not decrease weight after first attempt. If you didn't get the results you wanted from Tuesday, this is your chance to game-plan differently, make smarter jumps etc.