A. Coach will warm you up accordingly
B. Front Squat + Single Leg Explosive Step up on 16-20” box; Complete 1 heavy FS, rest 20 sec and then complete 10/10 SL Explo. Step ups X 3 sets, increase load on FS if possible.
C1.  Strict Chinups – AMR in 60 sec, does not need to be unbroken
C2. DB SA CRossBody Muscle Snatch; 6-8 reps/arm
C3. Push Ups – 6-10 reps, add wt. to your back if you need more intensity, modily with rig push ups or box push ups if you need less
.5/.3 mile Bike
200m Short Course Run - down
12 Clean and Jerks (50/29)
200m Short Course Run – back up