A. Coach will warm you up accordingly
B1. SA KB Complex:
3 Snatch
3 Windmill
3 Sotts Press (lower and raise with KB in the FR position)
B2. Pronated Pullup Grip Holds – 10 sec hold with chin over vertical plane + 5 sec Lower Down (add wt. if you need to increase intensity) 
B3. SA OH Carry – 20m/arm
7 min AMR:
10 SA DB PP (10R & 10L) – 50#+/25#+
10 Pullups
A. Coach will warm you up accordingly
B. Front Squat Clusters [1.1.1] rest 10sec/rest 2 mins – building loads
C1. Split Squat KB Front Rack; 2-3 reps/leg; rest 60 sec x 3 sets
C2. Strict Chin up Cluster Work: [2.2.2] X 3 sets; rest 10sec/rest 60 sec (add wt. if you need more intensity)
D1. DB Single Arm Crossbody Deficit Muscle Clean; 6-8 reps/side x 3 sets
D2. Seated Filly Press(1 KB in the rack position, 1 KB pressing;) 6-8 reps/arm; rest 60 sec x 3
20/15 Cal Bike
5/3 Wall Walks
20 Alt Snatch – You choose wt. 
20 GHD Bk Ext.