Friday – “Share The LAB”A. Coach will warm you up accordingly.
Teams of 2:
50 GHD Sit ups
50 Muscle Ups
50 HPC @ 80K/55K

Teams of  2 MOD:
50 KBS
50 Shoot Thrus
50 HPC @ 60/35

*You must be able to complete ALL portions as written.  If you can’t do MU, or HPC @ that weight, you have todo the MOD.  You cannot complete 50 ghd’s and then jump into the MOD.

*P1, will perform hi/her 50 ghd’s, then move on to the 50 MU and start accumulating reps there. P2, will start their 50 ghd’s, and once they are done, will move over to the rings to start accumulating their 50 MU with P1.  P1 completes the 50 MU and moves on to the HPC.  Each person in the duo will complete 50/50/50. Score is total time.