A. Open with 12 minute AMR as an extended warm up:20/15 Cal Ski
6-8 reps/arm DB Powell Raise @ 3030
8-10 reps/arm; seated DB straight up sit ups with 5 sec hold at top of last rep.
B1. Seated KB or Db Elevator Press – 10-12 reps alternating
B2. BeastBall TnG reps – 4-6 reps
B3. Strict Toe 2 Bar/ Strict Toes 2 Ring practice – 6-8 reps
X 3 sets; rest 90-120- seconds b/t
C. Snatch Complex: 1 Hang Snatch Pull + 1 hand sn 1 HPsn + 1 OHS – 10 minutes
For Time:
100 Dubs
50 Alt FR Lunge Steps @ 40K/24K
50/35 Pullups
50 Alt FR Lunge Steps
100 Dubs
- Watch the tempo on the DB Powell Raise – it’s the most important part of the movement
- New movement: Elevator press – this is week 1, so don’t go crazy on the weights.  Using KBs is going to be more difficult due to the great Range of motion covered.
- Snatch Complex advice – go light.  Get the brain/body connection down first., before you slap a bunch of weight on the bar.
- belly and butt tight on those Front Rack Lunge Steps