A. Open with Thoracic Flow + Banded Pull-A-Parts & “Banded ATW”B. Bench Press: Slight increase in wt. from last week.
3 Sets of 4
3 sets of 2
1 Burnout set @ 70K/35K
C. 14 min EMOM:
Min 1: 3 Barbell Curtis P’s – Go up in wt.every set if possible –
Min 2: 1 Unbroken set attempt ea. minute of T2B
3 RFT:
800 M Run
12 HPC Power Cleans @ 60/35
6  Ring Muscle Ups
*Mod = 6 Shoot Thrus
- Bench Press weight should increase this week, if you worked on it last week
- Get in a groove with those barbell Curtis Ps
- 12 HPC are written to be completed unbroken. If you can’t complete unbroken at that weight, drop down to weight that you complete unbroken. This is a sub 18 minute workout, if you’ve paced yourself correctly and are moving appropriate wt.