Reminder: Yoga with Katie @ 6a
A.  Open with Hip Flow
B. Barbell Cycling: 10-12 minutes
Deadlift /RDL X 4
PP X 4
HPSn X 4
C. Back Squat @ 3111 – 1,1,1,1,1,1,1
5 Rounds
1 min Row Max Cals
1 Min Alt DB Snatch
1 min Burpee
1 min rest
Score is all the reps in 5 rounds
- Week 2 with BB Cycling – Wt can/should go up.
- Last single on the BS should be tough, not a new 1RM.  TEMPO is the focus, over load

- Pace yourself on the 1 min rounds conditioning piece, don’t come out the gate too hot. You will not be able to recover.