A. Open with 3 rounds of: (18 mins)60 sec Line Tags in the parking lot
30 sec rest
60 sec Reverse Hypers on the GHD @ 30X0
30 sec rest
60 sec Ski
30 sec rest
60 sec AbMat Sit ups
30 sec rest
B1. Strict Press: 10,8,8,6
B2. KB Rump Pump Complex: 6R KB RDL + 6 KB FR Rev Lunge Step , then 6&6L
B3.  Windshield Wipers – 10-12 reps, over and back is 2.
4 sets; rest 90s
15 min AMR:
Max Rope Climb in 60sec or Max Rope Pulls in 60sec.
Run 400 M
Max Reps HSPU (strict for Rx)
- Watch that tempo on  the GHD Reverse Hypers
- Week 1 of Strict Press work – don’t go too crazy.
- #rumppump – make sure that butt is working for you, not against you