A. Open with 4 rounds of: (~16 minutes)
30 sec AD
30 sec Rest
30 sec Parking lot Line Tag – half way down, back to door, all the way to the entrance, back to the door.
30 sec rest
30 sec Ski
30 sec Rest
30 sec GHD Bk Ext @ 2020
30 sec Rest
B1. Push press: 5,4,3 – 5,4,3 – No pause in the dip position, 3 sec pause at lock out.
B2. Dball Bear hug Lunge Step – 8-10 alt steps; don’t be afraid ofthat 150# ball!!! 
B3. DB Side Plank Hold – 30sec/side
Rest 2 minutes b/t rounds
X6 sets
6 min AMR:
500/400 M Row
remaining time – Wall ball Toss
 *Score is total WB Shots
- 30 sec work is an extended warm up, treat it as such.
- Push Press has a tempo that has changed from the last two weeks.
- Challenge yourself on the Dball Bear hug weight.
- Side Plank should be completed on your elbow not your hand – too vulnerable for elbow joint. And it does NOT make it any more difficult when you are up on your hand