A. Open with 8-10 minutes of Joint Mobility + Static Stretch
B. Cyclical Aerobic Work:
10 Rounds
300 M Row
12 BurpeeBJ – 20”/15” – Updpwn BBJ id MOD # 1; Updown Step up is MOD #2
10 T2B – K2E is MOD #1; hanging Knee Raise is MOD #3; Sit Up is Final MOD
- How consistent can you be???
- If you want to take an honest look at your fitness, take the time & individually time each round. Write it down on a white board. The rest will be arbitrary. And you’ll get some insight into your fitness.
- Consistency with effort/output when conditioning with cyclical mixed modality aerobic work is how you get more fit. AND it is also how you can determine when it is appropriate to increase movement difficulty.