A. Open with 15 minute AMR of for extended warm up:
15 Cal Row
5-7 HSPU (or 1-2 WW) Or HS walk practice – choose according to your skill level or desire of practice.
1 Leg Pistol Practice – 10 Alt reps
B1. Seated (box) Single Arm DB Arnold Press (hold a KB in the none working arm in the FR position) – 6-8 reps/arm
B2.  Double DB/KB FrontRack Step ups – 12 alt
B3.  Ring/Parallet/box L Sit work – accumulate 30sec ea. set. Rest as needed
X 4-5 sets
C. Clean/thruster Complex: 1 HPC + 1 Thruster + 1 FS - Find heavy complex for the day- 15 minutes
For Time:
40 Thrusters @ 40k/24k
40 Lateral Burpees over bar
30 Thrusters
30 Lat. Burpees over bar
- Motor Control work and patterning during the warm up. Don’t rush those pistol squats.
- Strength adaptation addition to a standard seated Arnold press, hold KB in FR position adds core control and stability.
- keep those shoulders AWAY from your ears on the L-Sit work.  Shoulders blades into your back pocket.
- Be FAST out of the bottom in the thruster during complex work. No time to linger in the hole