Reminder: Yoga with Katie @ 6a
A. 12 min EMOM
Min 1: 4-6 Half Kneeling Bottoms up KB press/arm + 5 push ups
min 2:  Seated Single Arm KB Sit up – 6-8 reps/arm with 5 sec hold at the top after last rep.
min 3: Muscle ups: 1 MU + 3-5 Dips at the top of each rep; add wt. if you need more intensity. If you need less – Shoot thrus – 8-10 reps
B1. Deadlift  @ 20X0 - 1,1,1,1….
B2. Bench Press2,2,2,2….
X 4-5 sets; rest 90-120s
For Time:
100 Dubs (30 Cal AD is MOD)
50 T2B
50 Alt OH Lunge Steps in place (plates: 25K/15K)
50 T2B
100 Dubs
- Find a partner for the “B” section.  Partner lifting is great for a few reasons: 1. You get to watch someone else lift.  Not to provide feedback, necessarily (that’s a coaches job) but you can encourage when the weight is tough, and be a spotter. 2. you get to learn by watching someone else lift, ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN. 3. there won’t be 20K bars randomly dispersed everywhere and it will be a more pleasant training environment.
- Must control the weight down on the DL, that’s why there is a 2 count in the tempo.
- Add wt. as you feel comfortable for both B1 & B2