A. Open with 4 rounds of: (~16 minutes)
30 sec Ski
30 sec rest
30 sec Bike
30 sec rest
30 sec Parking lot line tag
30 sec rest
30 sec gh sit up
30 sec rest
B1. Push press: 1,1,1,1,1,….
B2. Rope Pullups Or Rope Climbs; 4-6 rope pullups, or 1-2 rope climbs
B3. Heavy Beast ball Deadlifts X 8-10 reps
Rest 2 minutes b/t rounds
5-6 sets
8 min AMR:
400 M Run
500 m Row
Remaining time -  AMR Beast ball Ground to shoulder – you choose wt. challenge yourself.
- Parking lot line tag is: half way down, back to the door. All the way down to the entrance, and back to the door.
- Find a heavy single or a NEW 1RM in PP if feeing good.
- Keep those elbows locked out on the heavy beast ball deadlifts. Set up: feet at shoulders, (or just outside) ball b/t feet. Slight bend in knee. (hinge) Pull to waist and drop. You can  TnG, if you are comfortable.