A. Open with Hip Flow – downstairs (6-7 minutes)
B1 – SingleLeg ipsolateral (same side) KB DL – 6-8/leg
B2. – Single leg ipsolateral KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge Step – 6-8/leg
B3. Double KB Swing or increase skill :Dble KB Sn (if you want to play with it) – 8-10 reps
X 3-4 sets, rest 90s
For Time:
Run 1200 M
Then, 12 rounds of:
4 HSPU – (Strict for Rx))
8 C2B
12 Squats
Time Cap: 25 minutes
- Ipsolateral – (same side) KB DL and Rev. Lung Step work - #rumppump
- Start light in the DBle KB Snatch if you’re going to play with it