A. Open with 10-12 minutes of Speed LadderB1. Seated Straight leg, Straight single arm KB Sit Up – 8-10/side with 10 sec hold at the top of last rep. 
B2.  Strict Rope Pullups – AMR in 60 sec
B3.  Ring/Parallet/box L Sit work – accumulate 30sec ea. set. Rest as needed
X 4-5 sets
C. Clean Complex: 1 HPC + 1 HSC + 1 FS @ 30X1– Find heavy complex for the day- 15 minutes
For Time:
45 Stiff legged Sumo KB DL – red/purple
30 Hang Power Cleans – 50k/29K
100 Dubs (if 100 dubs would take more than 3 minutes – AD 25 Cals) ((yes, you need to go upstairs))
30 hang Power Cleans
45 Stiff legged Sumo KB DL – red/purple
- Schlep that beast ball onto your shoulder, hug it, etc. you are only limited by your imagination on how to carry
- Strict Rope pullup work doesn’t need to be unbroken. Its just 60 sec of work.
- Choose your L Sit work device wisely. Start modestly and increase if/when you need to
- Stiff Legged Sumo DL – legs locked out, over emphasize the hinge at the hip. Feet outside shoulders, slight foot turnout.