A. Open with 15 minutes of Speed Ladder
B1. Heavy Beast ball Play over shoulder – 6-8 Alt reps
B2.  Strict Pullups – AMR in 60 sec
B3.  Anchored KB Windmill – 8RepsR/8L – KB in BOTH hands – one overhead, one of the ground. can be the same weight or use different wts.
5-7 sets – 20 mins
C. Clean Complex:  1Hang Muscle Clean + 2 HPC + 1 FS @ 30X1– Find heavy complex for the day- 15 minutes
D. Complete: 25 reps @ 75% of Part C
- Work on Shooting that hip out to the side, back leg straight, front leg can be slightly bent.
- Learning how to fire the hips with muscle clean work, squeeze those glutes
- Do NOT need to maintain the tempo on FS when completing the 25 reps for time.