Running 4 min Clock: Moderate pace. We are not trying to break records, this is an extended warm up. If you want to learn how to pace– count your calories and/or reps every 30 sec segment.  they should be the exact same every time ‘round.
30 sec Ski erg + 30 sec Up Downs
30 sec AD + 30 sec Superman Rocks
30 sec Ski erg + 30 sec Sit Ups
30 sec AD + 30 sec DB Side Plank – rotate side every set
Rest 2 min at the end of the 4 min
X 4 sets
B. Deadlift clusters @ 3131 – [5.5.5] Rest 20sec/rest 90sec X 2-3 sets
C1. Muscle Ups 2 reps + 6 dips at the top of the last rep [parallet shot thrus are the mod]
C2. Double under or Triple under practice – 2 mins
C3. Strict HSPU – 3-6 reps; Add a deficit if you need to increase intensity.  Practice HS holds if you need to decrease intensity.
X 3 sets
800 M Run
- Learning how to pace yourself is important. Important to learn how to not burn out too quickly , and to know where you stand with your fitness.  Count your reps!
- Mind that tempo on the DL Clusters, its there for a reason. We tempo train to help cover FULL range of motion, get all available muscle fibers firing, decrease suseptability to injury, learn how to BERATH under tension (fill that belly with some air and bear down against it), just to name a few.
- Haul ass on that run you’ve got nothing waiting for you when you finish.