Reminder: Yoga with Katie @ 6a
A. open with – Thoracic Flow or Hip Flow - Downstairs
B. 10 min EMOM  
Min 1: Dball thigh master – 4R/4L
Min 2: bridge Ups 2 back bend; 3-6 reps + 10 windsheild Wipers
3 Rounds For Time
50 Cal Row (you can also Ski Erg if you want)
25 BenchPress @ 60K/45K- **If you can’t complete Rx wt and reps, you’re MOD is DB BP in a hip bridge at a wt. that feels comfortable.
400 M Run
- New warm up movement. Good for hip girdle alignment and turning on those adductors
- Bench press for some volume.  Traditional BP set up. Elbows @ 90 degrees when bar is at your chest. Fun/different way to build up those delts and pecs. Its moderately heavy, and shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to finish the reps. If it would take you longer than that, its time to modifiy.
- 25 minute time cut