A. Open with: Dave Durante Core: 10-ish minutes3-5 Sets:
10 Seated Tuck
10 V-ups
10 Hollow Body Heal Taps
10 sec Hollow Hold
* R.A.N – Make rest short and get back to it.
20 – ish minutes
B1.  FS @ 3131 – 6 reps
B2. Seated (on a box) Double DB Arnold Press – 6-8 reps
B3.  SB Half Moons – 10-12 reps
X 3-5 sets, rest 2 mins b/t sets
7 min AMRAP:
30 Cal Ski
30 Cal Bike
30 Abwheel k2E
30 GHD Bk Ext.
* Remaining Time AMR – Up Downs

Rest 4 mins

7 min AMR:
400 M Run
350 M Row
100 Dubs
* Remaining Time AMR Up Downs
* Score = total Downs
- Mind that tempo on the FS 3 seconds up AND down!
- SB Half Moons are designed to work on your hip pop. Be aggressive.  Its not a movement you want to be dainty with
- REST b/t movements AND after eac. Set during the functional body building sets.  REST is the key to getting stronger. Don’t turn functional body building into a WOD. Its meant to be completed as heavy as possible, while moving through a full range of motion and the desired volume.
- Pick up that pace on the 7 min AMR – you have 4 minutes rest b/t