A. Open with 5-7 mins of joint mobility down stairsB. 20 mins of:
Complete for quality reps, intensity level, and Range of Motion: (slice and dice as you wish)
4-6 reps of TnG Muscle Snatches– If comfortable, increase wt. every time you get back around
20 Wall Walks (total)
1000 M of 1A FC (total)– 1X around block = 400M (unlimited switches.)
300 Double Unders (total)
50 Strict Pullups (total)
C. 25 min AMR:
Run 800 M (2X around the block)
3 Rounds of: @ increasing DB wt. after every run.
8 DB/KB Deadlift
8R/8L DB/KB Single Arm Push Press
8 DB/KB Alt Step Up 24”/20”
*then back to the run,
Score = total rounds + reps, and final DB weight