Feb 27 - mar 5

A. Open with Barbell Cycling: 15 reps @ 40K/24K, 10 reps @ 45K/29K, 5 reps @ 50K/35K, Rest where you need to. We want the bar to feel fast and snappy. So if the wt. is too heavy, take it DOWN until it feels fast and snappy.  If you can’t move more than the blank bar, with the fast and snappy protocol - that’s ok. Get ALL the reps in that you can with the blank bar!!!
Complex is as follows: TnG hang Muscle Snatch (we want bar to move Below Knee) + TnGPowerSnatch  (from the floor) + TnG OHS (Work does not need to be UNBROKEN. Work on TnG Quality Reps. REST As Needed) Then, move up in weight and move down in reps to the next set.
B. FS @ 30X1– 2,2,2. – Small build ~12 mins maintain the TEMPO!
C. 1 TGU R/L HEAVY + 100 m Ski Erg AFAP x 3 rest 90 sec b/t, go HEAVY on the TGU.
Row Cals
BJSD (24/20”)
*MOD for T2B = Rower Pikes


A. Gymnastics Conditioning
10-1 Strict Ring Dips.  Unbroken is Rx.  Matador Dips (Banded OR unbanded) is MOD #1, Box OR Perrellet Dips is MOD #2.
*10 sec R/L  1 arm dead hang for Rx
* 10-15 sec Chin hang for MOD #1
* 20 Sec Dead hang MOD #2
With a 25 minute Timer, complete as much from the following as possible:
2k Row
50 Burpee 6”
50 Alternating DB Box step-Up  (35/20#)
50 Wt. Sit-Up (same)
50 Walking Lunge Step
2k Ski Erg
*Rx = in order complete line item by line item.
* If you don’t care about the Rx – Start wherever you want


Open w/ Hip and Thoracic Flow
40 Min Running Clock, every 5 min complete:
2 GL Ab-Wheel Crawl
5/3 Strict Pull-Up
15 Wall Ball
20 Dubs
Rest w/ remaining time.
*fastest set is your score
*MOD = 25 Ab-Wheel K2e
*MOD = Heavy Rope Skips


A.  Open with 15 minutes of KB Complex Work:
1A Swing X 3
1A Swing Clean X 3
1A S2OH X 3
1A Windmill X 3
1A Snatch X 3
1A TGU from standing to seated X 3
Switch sides!
Rest as needed
3 sets: [in any order you want]
1 TH Loop
3 RC
15 PP (40/24k)
4 GL 1A Alt FC (Red/Purp)
30/20 Cal Ski Erg
*rest 90 seconds between rounds
*Score is fastest set of above series
* MOD = seated Rope Climb

Crossfit Open workout 17.2!!!

30 Min AMR
1 BIG Loop
4 Alt Beast Ball, HEAVY as possible
12 Up-Down
4 GL Alt KB OH Carry (Grn/Yel)
12 Ring Row
*MOD = 12 D-Ball Slams

Sunday FUNday:
Cal Row
Air Squat
Push-Up (use squeaky toy :)