Feb 20 - 26

Programming Pursuit & Performance: Feb 20-26th + Reebok Crossfit Open announcement 17.1!!!

A. Gymnastics Conditioning
10-1 Strict C2B Pull-ups is the Rx. Strict Pullups is MOD #1, Jumping ring Pullups with Chin over horizontal plane & a slow negative is MOD #2
*1 Gym Length Handstand Walk between sets for Rx
* 2 Wall Walks b/t sets for MOD #1
* 15 Sec HS Hold for MOD #3
With a 30 minute Timer, complete as much from the following as possible:
100 Cal Ski
100 Cal Row
100 Box Jump Overs (24/20")
75 Clean and Jerks (60K/40K)
15 Rope Climbs
*Rx = in order complete line item by line item.
* If you don’t care about the Rx – Start wherever you want
* Use DB’s for the C & J if you don’t feel confident with the barbell. Scale weights as needed.

A. Open with Barbell Cycling: 15 reps @ 40K/24K, 10 reps @ 45K/29K, 5 reps @ 50K/35K, Rest where you need to. We want the bar to feel fast and snappy. So if the wt. is too heavy, take it DOWN until it feels fast and snappy.  If you can’t move more than the blank bar, with the fast and snappy protocol - that’s ok. Get ALL the reps in that you can with the blank bar!!!
Complex is as follows: TnGDL + TnGHPC + TnGPP (15DL + 15 HPC + 15 PP, REST As Needed) Then move up in weight and move down in reps to the next set.
B. FS  @ 30X1– 5,5,5 – Small build ~12 mins (maintain that tempo)
C. TGU – 2r/2L + 100 M Ski Erg AFAP – get that TGU HEAVY as possible.  You can increase ea. set, or just start heavy out the gate; Rest 90sec X 4 sets
30/30: work/rest X 6 sets
Score is total reps
* rest 2 min after 3rd set and 6th set.
DB Renegade Row (35/20)
KBS Russian (red/purple)
DB Box Step Ups (alt. every step) (35#/20#)
Up Downs

Coach sets running clock… Perform 1 set every 5 mins for 40 minutes; each set is individually timed, score is FASTEST time. Remaining time in each 5 min segment is rest.
1 Th Loop Run
10 Double DB Snatch (35/20)
10 Double DB Seated Press (legs straight out in front)
10 Dbl DB OH Lunge Steps

A.  Open with 15 minutes of KB Complex Work:
1A Swing X 3
1A Swing Clean X 3
1A S2OH X 3
1A Windmill X 3
1A Snatch X 3
1A TGU from standing to seated X 3
Switch sides!
Rest as needed
3 sets: [in any order you want]
50 Dubs
10 HPSnatch @ 40K/24K
5 Bar MU – Mod is 5 Strict Chin ups. Or, 10 Ring Rows
20 burpees
1 Sandbag TH Loop Run
*rest 90 seconds between rounds
*Score is fastest time in any set

Open 17.1!!!!  (Will be announced Thursday evening at 5pm PST.)

On a 30 min Timer:
1 KBS (overhead) (green/yellow)
1 DB Wt. Sit Up (35/20)
2 Cal AD
2 Db Wt. ed Sit up
4 Cal AD
3 DB Wt. Sit Up
6 Cal AD
4 DB Wt. Sit Up
8 Cal AD
5 DB Wt. Sit Up
10 Cal AD
…. So on and so forth for 30 mins
*Score is total reps

For Time:
100-80-60-40-20-10 of:
Ski Cal
AD Cal
Row Cal