Feb 13-19


Ski, Bike, Run – you will complete 1 set at each modality; 1 set = 3 mins @ hard effort, rest 1 min, 2 min @ hard effort, rest 1 minute; 1 minute @ hard effort, rest 30 sec, 30 sec As Hard As Possible.

- Every set will begin together as a group, coach will call out rest and transition time

- between each monostructural piece everyone will complete:

A. 6 min AMR (18 total reps/round)

3 Wt’ed Chinups for DUDES (DB b/t feet) MUST be UNBROKEN, Strict Chinups for chicks

6 Clapping Push Ups for DUDES, Push ups w/ HR for chicks

9 Air Squats


B. 6 mins AMR: (70/65 total reps/round)

20/15 Row Cals

50 Heavy Rope Singles


C. 6 mins AMR: (40 total reps/round)

20 Wall ball toss

20 BJSD @ 24/20


* Score is total REPS completed from A, B, & C



A. Open with 15 minutes of KB Complex Work:

1A Swing X 3

1A Swing Clean X 3

1A S2OH X 3

1A Windmill X 3

1A Snatch X 3

1A TGU from standing to seated X 3

Switch sides!

Rest as needed

3 sets: [in any order you want]

1 TH Loop Run with Sandbag

15 PC @ 50K/29K

300/200 M Ski Erg

6/4 Wall Walks

3 GL DB Bear Crawl @ 35#/20#

*rest 90 seconds between rounds

*Score is fastest set of above series




A. Open with 15 minutes of Speed Ladder work

B. For total time:

3 Rounds of:

2 min Cal Row

2 min Cal Ski

2 min Cal AD


1-10 of:

KBS @ red/purple

DB Wt. Sit Up (35/20)

Line Tag

(ex. 1 kbs, 1 db sit up, 1 line tag, 2 kbs, 2 sit up, 2 line tags, so on and so forth….)


2 BIG Loop Runs



A. Open with Barbell Cycling: 15 reps @ 40K/24K, 10 reps @ 45K/29K, 5 reps @ 50K/35K, Rest where you need to. We want the bar to feel fast and snappy. So if the wt. is too heavy, take it DOWN until it feels fast and snappy. If you can’t move more than the blank bar, with the fast and snappy protocol - that’s ok. Get ALL the reps in that you can with the blank bar!!!

Complex is as follows: TnG hang Muscle Snatch (we want bar to move Below Knee) + TnGHPSn (mid thigh) + TnG OHS (Work does not need to be UNBROKEN. Work on TnG Quality Reps. REST As Needed) Then, move up in weight and move down in reps to the next set.

B. FS @ 30X1– 3,3,3,3 – Small build ~12 mins (maintain that tempo, slight increase from last week)

C. 6R/6L 1A DB Bench Press + 4/2 Wall Walks X 3 sets, Rest 90 sec b/t sets





Sit Ups




Mountain Climbers

Cal Row
Rower Pike Ups


Friday: CF Open Prep

A. Open with: Thoracic Flow OR Hip Flow

B. Build to a moderate TnG DL Triple @ 30X1 in 12 minutes from blank bar

C. 18 min AMR:

30 S2OH @ 60K/35K

30 BJSD @ 24/20

30 Cal Row

30 T2B

30 Double DB OH Lunge Steps in place (35#/20#)




50 Cal AD

50 Russian KBS (red/purple)

50 M Lunge Steps (outside) down to just past Garage Door

40 Cal AD

40 Russian KBS

40 M Lunge Steps (outside) Coach will put marker out

30 Cal AD

30 Russian KBS

30 M Lunge Steps (outside) Coach will put marker out

20 Cal AD

20 Russian KBS

20 M Lunge Steps (outside) Coach will put marker out

10 Cal AD

10 Russian KBS

10 M Lunge Steps (outside) Coach will put marker out



Grab a stop watch! Coach sets running clock… Perform 1 set every 5 mins for 40 minutes; each set is individually timed, score is FASTEST time. Remaining time in each 5 min segment is rest.

10 Cal Row

8 Barbell Ground 2 Overhead @ 40K/24k

6 DB burpee over box (you can jump or step, but you take those DBs with you) @ 35#/20#

4 DB Thrusters (same wt.)

2 Bar Facing burpees