Aerobic Work:
10-1 of:
Cals on the Ski
Deck Squats
Bike Cals
Alternating Tall Kneeling to Standing/side
Single Arm Ring Row/arm

Strength Work:
Gymnastic Warm up:
10 min AMR: Continuous consistent easy movement:
6-8 Ring Swing towel drill:
6-8 Wtd Push Ups @ 2020 tempo
10-12 Side plank rotations:
A1. Double KB Power Row, 6-8 reps
A2. 10m Heavy Farmer Carry Walk + 6 Deadlifts + 10m Heavy FC Walk
X 4 sets
15 min AMR:
10 SandBag Squat Jumps (squat to parallel. get some AIR under your feet!!!!)
3 Wall Walks
10 Sec Chin Hang Hold

200m Single Arm FC - Switch arms @ 100m marker