Friday – Final P.WOD of the summer, Sept 2.

Open w/ Hip & Thoracic Flow


5 Min Row for Meters (switch every 250/200m)

Rest 3 minutes

20 minute running clock. Move right into the next AMRAP…

AMRAP 4 Minutes (alt partners every time the bar hits the ground)

Thrusters (50/29k)

AMRAP 7 Minutes Break it up anyway you want (one person working at a time)
10 Wt. Sit-Up (20/10#)
15/10  Push-ups
20 Air Squats

AMRAP 9 Minutes (I-Go, You-Go Style)

5 Deadlifts (100/70k)
7 Burpees
15 KB Swings (red/Grn)