Choose 1 Modality

Aerobic Work:

2 min AD

5 burpees

2 min row

20 DUs

5 BIG box jump SD – you choose ht. of box

2 min run

rest 2 mins

x 8 sets

Strength Work:

A. BS – Find Heavy Single for the day not a new 1RM

B. Strict Press - Find Heavy Single for the day, not a new 1RM



50 TGU - alt arms every 5 reps


Accumulate 3 min ea leg, hamstring floss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI22HIMZWWw

Accumulate 3min – halo leg circles: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/leg-circles; start with small circle , if you can’t keep tension, with the big circles demonstrated in the video.

Every 2 min for 18 mins, complete the following:

10 Supermans + 3 Back bend/Bridge Ups

*If you finish before 2 mins is up, remaining time is rest. If it takes you more than 2 minutes, give yourself 30-40 sec of rest and just keep the clock running for 18 mins