Choose 1 Modality

Aerobic Work:

Run 1 TH loop @ consistent Effort

8 Burpees + 20 sec Side Plank hold/ side

x 8


rest 3 min


Row 200m

10 burpee box jump Overs

rest walk 60 sec

x 8


Strength Work:

A. 1L Bulgarian Split Squat – Build to heavy 8RM/leg

B. CGBP – Build to a heavy single for the day, not a new 1RM

C. Hang Power Clean – Build to a heavy 3 rep, for the day; NOT TnG; drop from the top



strict Chin up  (ring Row is MOD)

Ring push up

strict T2B or GarHammer Raise

AD Cals



EMOM: 30 mins

Min 1: Garhammer Raise; 6-8 reps

Min 2: Ring Swing; 5-7 reps

Min 3: 30 sec Tuck/balled-up hold on Paralletts

Min 4: 2-4 Wall Walks

Min 5: Rev hyper on the GHD; 8-10 reps