Muscle Up Progression Practice… or not
For those that want to learn & Practice MU progression:
15 mins:
A1. Getting comfortable in False Grip – Hang for 5-10 sec in False grip with FULL BW
A2. False Grip  Scap Pulls or FULL Ring to Sternum Strict Pullups if you are able – 5-7 reps
A3. Jump to Ext Holds for 10-15sec. with 1 slow controlled negative; 3-5 reps
If you could care less:
15 mins:
A. 2 Th loop FC – Heavy, you choose wt.
B. Accumulate – 2 mins of GHD Bk Ext Hold, 2 mins of Hollow Body Hold, 2 mins of FLR on the Floor, and 30 Candle Sticks
Pursuit Conditioning:
30 – DB Ren Row
TH Loop
20 – DB RR
TH Loop
10 DB RR
Performance Conditioning:
30 – Spectacular BB Complexes (1 complex = DL+HCl+PP+LungeR + Lunge L) (40K/24K)
Th Loop
20 – Spectaculars
Th Loop
10 – Specs
Th Loop