Reminder: Gym is CLOSED at 430p.  LAB Holiday Party at Roanoke @ 6p. Last CLASS of the day, is the NOONER!
Pursuit 30 mins
A.  CleanPractice: 2Pwr Clean + 2FS – 12 mins
B1. Strict Chin Up Practice; use bands up to 1” to complete reps, or complete slow negatives; 3-5 reps with bands; or 2-3 slow negatives.
B2. GHD Back Ext 12-15 reps with 2 sec pause at the top
B3. K2E Practice – 8-10 reps
Ring Row
*1 TH Loop Run after ea. set
Performance: 30 mins
A. Clean (full) – Build to a heavy double in 15 minutes
B1. Lunge Steps with Alt Sandbag Rotation – 8-10 steps R/L; sandbag should hit the floor, torso should stay tall.
B2. DH2I- 4-6 reps
B3. Garhammer Raise – 6-8 reps
Deadlift@ 70K/45K
Box Jump SD – 20”