Looking Ahead: 2019

’Tis the season for reflecting; thinking back on the year before and preparing for a new one ahead. 2018 was full of moments to celebrate and plenty to learn from as well. After a lot of hard work and some instances of coming up short, the biggest feeling I have coming out of 2018 is pride.

Pride is hard for me to show and express. What’s the right amount of pride. Confidence is important and acknowledging someone’s achievements is important as well. But where’s the like between not enough pride and too much? How do I show confidence in myself, the work I’ve done, where I’ve come from, and where I’m going without being obnoxiously cocky? I find it hard to recognize the achievements of the young Ultimate players I coach without feeling like I am taking the credit for their work. It’s hard for me to appropriately show pride in the work everyone puts in day after day at the gym. A Lab Lotto entry, an Rx on the whiteboard, and/or a high score for the day just don’t do the trick.

So now is the time for me to try and express some pride in our community here at the LAB, hopefully without being obnoxiously cocky or sappy. We all come to this place from somewhere different. For some it’s only a little different, we went to the same high schools and played the same sports growing up. For others our pasts and presents bring us to the gym with completely different sets of boundaries and goals. Despite that, we all come in with a similar passion for fitness. We all create a small space in our life for fitness to matter. We’ve created this environment where we can improve our skills, get stronger, lose weight, prepare to summit Kilimanjaro, train to run a marathon or chase around your kids, and it’s a space where we can hang out for some personal time away from work and other life stresses. This is a place where you can be vulnerable. You can be honest about weaknesses that you want to improve and a place with support to help you improve. Coming to work where people are motivated to continue advancing their fitness is such a gift. Thank you for bringing that to me day after day :) 

It’s each of you that keeps us motivated and energized. In 2018 we refocused our mission on advancing all of our athletes’ fitness; in class, open gym, and personal programming. I know we have some lessons to learn from 2018 as well. It’s nice to take some time to consider what worked, what didn’t; and why. For you and for the gym. Please take a moment to reflect, as we are, and please fill out our feedback survey. We need each of you to help keep us on track. We are here to serve your fitness goals; by filling out this survey we will be able to know how we can serve you best going into 2019.

Thanks for making 2018 a year to be proud of. 

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-Coach Charlie