Fall restart

The approaching fall season is a typical time for a reset and refocusing of our goals. As we wind down from summer’s shenanigans and the weather turns south, it’s nice time to get back to our fitness.

Take a minute to write down a particular goal for the next 3 months, 6 months, one year… reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be. Whether or not you ever look at it again, putting your goals in writing will help in holding yourself accountable and staying committed to your progress. Want a better power clean? Write it down. Want a faster 2k row? Write it down! Want to walk around on your hands? Write to down! Want to be less fat? Write it down! When setting your goals; make them specific, achievable, and give yourself a reasonable timeline. As you write, “stronger back squat” think about specifically how many more kilos you’d like to squat in 3 months, 1 year. Put a specific number and a date on it. If you write, “lose weight” think about how much weight you want to lose, by the end of the year and by summertime. What kind of weight do you want to lose? A more specific and attainable look at this might say, “I want to lose 10 lbs of body fat by the end of the year.” Now that many of us have used the InBody machine, we have a baseline to track! Consider a retest in 3 months to start seeing a trend in lean mass vs. body fat. Take an honest look at where you sit currently so that you can focus your energies on what needs the most work while maintaining your strengths.

The more engaged you become with your progress, the more good things will come! With all the tools at your disposal, we strongly recommend that you start tracking your data now, if you haven’t already. We recently found max lifts for the Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift so NOW is the perfect time to grab a pen and paper (or your phone!) and write it down. You will find keeping track of your progress will allow you to see the changes you are making and how they are working for you over time. We are committed to providing you with enough data to stay on top of your progress as well as the tools you need to reach your goals. Ultimately it’s on you to stay accountable to your progress and the best way to do so is by being in touch with your fitness day to day. We’ll keep you motivated to stay disciplined with your training over the weeks, months, and years.

Our weekly programming is designed to result in progress of our core aspects of fitness: strength, skill, and/or aerobic efficiency. Our coaches have done the research to help you get that first push-up, ring dip, and handstand push-up. Our blog will continue to share information about Basic Lifestyle Guidelines; eating, sleeping, hydration, and Vitamin D. Our social media channels will keep you informed about what is going on with programming, form and function, and (of course!) our community events. Get to know your swolemates in class and their goals. You’ll help challenge, motivate, and celebrate each other as well. We are all here to support you! AND to get the most out of your fitness, you need to support yourself. After all you are the one doing the work every day. You owe it to yourself. Set some reasonable goals for the future. Take accountability to staying on track with your progress. It’s easy to show up on the days for our favorite movements, the days we know we’ll do well. It’s much harder to be honest with ourselves about where we need to improve. We’ll be in your corner when you’re the top of the board and the days you have to scale every movement. We’ll be here to celebrate you when all your hard work and diligence crushes your goals.