The fitness continuum - Advancing your fitness

At The LAB we have been committed to advancing your fitness and keeping you motivated along the way for over ten years. To stay fresh and exciting, you all saw the rollout of the “LAB Lotto” last month. More than just being fun, it has been incredibly rewarding recognizing when someone makes a step on their fitness journey with our whole community. The extra emphasis on these small steps our members make daily reminds us all that training pays off. As you know, we view our members as more than people simply exercising. You are athletes in training.

In order to maintain a program that continues to stimulate and develop our athletes, we stay educated on fitness principles. By looking at current training theories and thoughtful fitness progressions, we have created a “Fitness Continuum”. The Fitness Continuum allows us to assess where you are with your unique physical fitness by evaluating your training age based on skills, strength, and aerobic efficiency. More importantly, it provides us with guidelines for progress. Every athlete will have your own value within the continuum depending on all your abilities. Knowing this value we can design a progression for any fitness goals. We can paint with a broad brush to advance a general group, as we do for the class workouts. Specifically for individuals who have distinct goals, we can use the information from their place on the continuum to create a program just for them in order to more effectively and quickly progress their fitness. When you take advantage of knowing where you are, you can be realistic about how to progress. We all know you have to walk before you can run. You have to do a push up before you can do a ring dip.

Both in class and with individual programming, look for plenty of opportunities to assess and excel in your fitness. Especially don’t miss the chances to make progress along your journey. We’re committed to providing you with the tools. And celebrating with you all along the way.