Working with others is something that speaks to me. I’ve written a couple blog posts for my Ultimate team, Seattle Riot, on the subject. I’m excited to get the chance to dive into why I like the teamwork and accountability of group fitness. As well as the unique advantages of partner style workouts here at the LAB.

The beauty of working with teammates is that the sum is greater than it’s parts. Two draft horses can actually pull three times the load of a single horse. I know we aren’t horses, but the same concept applies. When you add your strengths to those of someone else you can count on each other to fill in the weaknesses. You’ll get more out of the work you’re doing. I see this happening in class all the time. You step up and lead one another by giving feedback on technique, you set the bar on movements you do well, and encourage classmates by showing up and cheering them on. You spend time discussing strategy with one another before and after class. I see you motivating each other to do things you’ve never done before.

All of our goals are different and we are all in different stages of fitness. At the end of the day we are all accountable to ourselves. We need to be in charge of our own movement, our own pacing, intensity, and modifications. For me, taking responsibility of my own training journey becomes extra rewarding when I see people around me doing it as well. The accountability of group class feels like being on a team. Seeing other people do the work helps me believe that I can do it too; even if their version of work looks different than mine. I know rowing 20 seconds for max cals is going to suck, but if we’re doing a tabata row together, it seems much more palatable. We share that feeling of being “in the trenches” together, pushing ourselves and each other.

For the next few months you will see more partner work programmed into your weeks at the LAB. “Share the LAB Friday” starts up again June 1. We are also adding “Swolemate Saturday” where we will be programming partner-style strength sets. Bring a buddy to the gym for free on either or both of these days or just grab one of your classmates and team up. Partner workouts nicely allow for work and rest. They give you a chance to exercise your teamwork, leadership, and strategic skills. Plus it’s fun to have a buddy by your side to keep you accountable and push you closer towards your fitness goals.

Look for BBQ’s once a month as well. We like having a chance to all get together with people from other classes and your friends and family. As a real-life homebody, introvert; I appreciate the excuse group fitness and team sports has allowed me to feel free to break out of my shell. I’m so happy for the relationships I’ve built with our members and I like seeing all the friendships growing in classes. We help each other find solutions to real-life problems (like finding a new building to lease and turning it into a gym!). I’ve seen some of your kids get older and seen you perform on stage; all because we share the love of fitness. I look forward to another summer of sharing the LAB; meeting new friends and deepening the relationships we have.

-Coach Charlie