Programming YOUR fitness

With the passing of the 2018 Crossfit Open, it’s time to start a new training cycle. We
thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you the process that goes into
programming your fitness here at The Lab. At The Lab we believe in providing our members
with a variety of programming options, including: group class, specialized training cycles, and
individual programming, each of these options has it’s unique benefits.

Our group class is modeled with the goal of looking good, feeling good, and moving well.
Those who thrive in the social aspect of fitness find enjoyment within the camaraderie that the
group provides. Every class will start with a warm up, specifically designed to help prime your
body and keep you feeling good throughout the day. Strength and conditioning workouts will
follow with a balanced assortment of upper/lower body and unilateral movements put together in a mixed modal style. Our classes run year-round while cycling a myriad of movements and skills seasonally. The micro and macro cycles vary tempo, intensity and accessory work. Our coaches are here to translate these specifics on the whiteboard and keep class on schedule. They will also provide guidance through specific movements and lifts. While athletes with vastly differing training backgrounds can participate in class side by side, the structure of group class can be ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees alike.

Alternatively, we offer additional training options. Generally speaking if you’re someone
who finds yourself with less freedom in your schedule, plateauing in your regular routine, looking
for an exciting new way to engage your body and mind, and/or you’re feeling sore and beat up
after every workout, then a specified training cycle or individual design might be something to

Specialized training cycles are designed for a broader group of athletes who have a
specific goal in mind and have previous experience in strength and conditioning. These are
progressive, year-round strength and conditioning programs broken down into 12 week chunks
with about 4 weeks off in between each. The athletes should already have basic knowledge of
the movement principles; reading tempo, sets, and reps; and choosing appropriate loads. They
appreciate the environment and communal aspect of the gym, but don’t necessarily need the
group to be motivated to finish their workout. Coaches are still present to cue movements and
field questions along with providing feedback and support. These workouts take about an hour
from warm-up to completion, but time in the gym is not limited and the athlete may take as much
time as they need.

Individual Programming is also provided upon request here at the Lab. Individual design
is the most specific and tailored for the athlete’s unique needs. We are invested in helping
athletes who have specific fitness goals, reach their full potential. These workouts are nuanced
just for each athlete, tailored to fit their schedule, levels, and goals. The direction of the program
is agreed upon by both coach and athlete, who work side by side in order to ensure that the
movement selection, training rhythm and seasonal changes directly align with achieving the
goals of the client.

Now that you understand the programming options here at the Lab, you will be
empowered to choose which program is best for you. As always, keeping your fitness
rewarding, fun, and interesting is our goal. Please let us know how it is going so we can
continue to provide you with your best gym experience.